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Investment Insurance

One can face many challenges with the operation of a business – from managing day to day tasks to achieving long term success. If you or a key person dies, these challenges may include ensuring your business continues to generate income to cover; operations, taxes and debt financing that your beneficiaries are left to deal with. Life insurance is one of the most effective solutions for funding these business needs as it guarantees the funds will be available. Business term insurance can be a good choice of insurance protection that can meet your needs now and can easily fit your budget.

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Business Term Insurance

Our advisors work to provide

Protection for you and your business
BB Flexibility to Change and Scale Business
Flexibility to Change & Scale
BB Easy to understand Business Insurance
Easy to understand & manage
BB Ways to fund a buy and sell agreement
Way to fund a buy sell agreement
BB Tax Free replacing Key personel
Tax free replacing of key personnel
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Business/Corporate Insurance

Corporations own Life Insurance for various purposes: key person protection, buy-sell funding, business loan protection, executive compensation, wealth creation & more. Corporately owned insurance can be a valuable tool for the business owner by offering necessary protection, but can also provide a financial vehicle to accumulate sums on a tax preferred basis.

  • Tax sheltered accumulation
  • Reliable returns on investment
  • Insured bequest of shares
  • Extracting funds from a holding company
  • Transition of assets to future generations
  • Creating a source of cash
  • Covering taxes upon death

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