A Collaborative Process

This Is The Fun Part

From initial contact through booklet delivery, we thrive on working collaboratively with business owners. We want to know your priorities in terms of plan design, your budget and your employee’s needs. We’re always listening to feedback, adapting our plans to best keep employees feeling healthy and rewarded. We take care of your service and administrative needs so you can keep your business running efficiently. Plan reviews and staff seminars are right up our alley.

Whether you are a new business considering a plan for the first time, or an established organization reviewing your options, we’re here to help.

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The Benefits Are Clear

Benefit Plans are proven to:

  1. Help protect the well-being of your employees and their families by helping them manage their health and wellness, and by creating a sense of security
  2. Improve employee appreciation and loyalty by tangibly conveying your support for your employees beyond their day-to- day work
  3. Be a tax-effective way to compensate your employees — health and dental benefits are tax-free for employees and the value often outweighs a simple wage increase
How It’s Done

A proven tool to recruit and retain valuable employees, we broker benefit plans from a variety of insurers, while exclusively marketing the Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan.

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“Next to salary, employee benefits coverage is the most important tool in attracting and retaining key staff.”