The Maximum Benefit Advantage

Administrative Services Only

Administrative Services Only plans saves your company money, gives you more control over your benefit plan and stabilizes your annual costs. You will no longer be saddled with inconsistent renewal increases. With ASO, you make the rules. You control your options, risks, and costs.

ASO is a different way to provide Health, Dental and Short Term Disability benefits to your employees. It’s often called a ‘self-funded’ plan because the employer provides the funding for these benefits. Maximum Benefit can adjudicate your self-funded claims and consolidate all your benefits: one plan, one billing.

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Self Insured Plans for Claims when they occur in South Okanagan and Nicola Valley - Brown Benefits

The Benefits

How ASO plans are different:

  1. Under an ASO plan the employer controls their cash flow and only pays for claims WHEN they occur.
  2. Because you are only paying claims plus expenses, benefits have the opportunity to cost less under an ASO plan.

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Cost Stability

ASO plans can help your company realize cost savings, improved cash flow and plan
flexibility. Monthly budgeting and reporting also allow your firm to better manage and control the costs of your plan.

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