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Life Insurance

The foundation of your family’s financial security.

Whether you’re protecting a mortgage, providing for loved ones, or it’s part of a business strategy, life insurance offers a significant range of options. We’ll work with you to determine your needs, budget and attitudes and then survey the market to find the best policy. Our goal is to find the solution that suits your circumstances best, and guide you through the process in a helpful and attentive way.

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Family financial security through Brown Benefits financial services

Critical Illness

A living benefit to ease recovery.

What would your family do if you became seriously ill and were unable to work? These circumstances would be stressful for anyone; the last thing you want to deal with is financial strain at the same time.

Medical advances have dramatically improved the survival rates of people who suffer critical illnesses such as cancer, stroke and heart disease. Recovery may come with a significant financial cost that impacts both you and the people close to you. Critical Illness provides a lump sum benefit should you be afflicted with a serious condition.

Disability Insurance

Protect your ability to earn a living.

If you become disabled, your ability to earn income may be compromised, and your ability to pay bills or save for retirement may decline. The peace of mind that income protection can provide is available for professionals, business owners, business executives, and full-time, part-time or home-based workers. Whether you need to secure your main source of income or to supplement the coverage you receive from your employer or an association, we can help by providing a comprehensive and portable plan you can rely on throughout your working years.

Disability Insurance in the Okanagan provided by Brown Benefits

Our Disability Insurance plans are designed to meet your income requirements, allowing you to concentrate on recovering and returning to an active life.

Accidents and Illnesses are a fact of life. They could happen to anyone at any time. Be prepared for the unexpected.

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Travel Insurance

Protection during that well-earned vacation.

For millions of Canadians, comprehensive emergency travel coverage has become an essential part of their holiday plans. While travelling outside your own province, some medical and paramedical expenses may only be partially covered by your provincial health insurance program. Depending on your needs, you can opt for coverage on a daily or annual basis. Whether you travel frequently during the year, take regular sun destination trips or do only occasional short trips, there is a plan that’s right for you.

Out-of-Canada emergency medical expenses are not generally covered by your provincial medical plan and these expenses can be financially overwhelming.

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