Group Benefits

A key component in your recruitment & compensation strategy.

An attractive benefits plan can help you land top talent. We’ll work together to design the ideal fit for your organization.

Broker Services

We are proud to offer benefits plans from a diverse range of Canada’s top insurers.

We understand that each organization’s needs are diverse, and can survey the marketplace to find a plan that best matches your plan design desires, budget & attitude. This allows business owners to evaluate a range of proposals available to them, and implement a plan knowing due diligence has been achieved.

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Brown Benefits offers benefits plans from a diverse range of Canada’s top insurers

Self Insured Plans

Maximum efficiency for larger sized firms.

Administrative Services Only plans saves your company money, gives you more control over your benefit plan and stabilizes your annual costs. You will no longer be saddled with inconsistent renewal increases. With ASO, you make the rules. You control your options, risks, and costs.

ASO is a different way to provide Health, Dental and Short Term Disability benefits to your employees. It’s often called a ‘self-funded’ plan because the employer provides the funding for these benefits. Maximum Benefit can adjudicate your self-funded claims and consolidate all your benefits: one plan, one billing. ASO plans can help your company realize cost savings, improved cash flow and plan flexibility. Monthly budgeting and reporting also allow your firm to better manage and control the costs of your plan.

  • Under an ASO plan the employer controls their cash flow and only pays for claims WHEN they occur.
  • Because you are only paying claims plus expenses, benefits have the opportunity to cost less under an ASO plan.
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First Nations Plans

We tailor plans with the distinct needs of First Nations organizations in mind.

We understand that groups may have a mix of Status, Non-Status, and blended family employees. Designing plans that accommodate these differences can allow for maximum cost efficiency, while allowing team members to coordinate with coverage they may already have.

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First Nations benefits and group benefit plans in the Okanagan

Group Retirement

Employer sponsored Retirement Plans.

From money accumulation plans to locked-in retirement accounts, taking the time to set up a retirement plan has both long-term and immediate rewards.

Have your retirement plan work for you. Talk to us today about how to maximize your return on contributions, and how this valuable tool helps with employee satisfaction.

A Group RRSP is an efficient way to accumulate savings for retirement.

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Company Retirement Plans

Streamlined benefits for you and your team.

Low Cost

Unlike many bank GICs or mutual funds, some Group RRSPs require only a minimum contribution of $25 per month.

Defer Taxes

All RRSP contributions reduce income tax paid by employees. Investment earnings grow tax-free until withdrawn.

Spousal RRSP

If offered in your plan, the higher earner makes the RRSP contributions to get the larger tax break. At retirement, the lower earner makes the withdrawals from the spousal RRSP at a lower tax rate.

Investment Options

Experienced fund managers and asset allocation portfolios focusing on employees’ personal preferences for Security, Conservative, Balanced, Dynamic, Energetic or Aggressive portfolios.

Employer Contribution

Depending on the features of the plan in effect, the employer may contribute to the plan.

Deductions at Source

Plan contributions are taken directly from payroll before an employee has the chance to spend it elsewhere.

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