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We’re proud to work with a diverse group of small & medium sized businesses. Here are some we helped implement a benefits plan recently:

South Okanagan based cannabis retailer

A key employee was being recruited by a government run store. Implementing guaranteed health & dental coverage helped this local owner retain their location manager.

South Okanagan based bookkeeper

A one person bookkeeping business was able to achieve guaranteed health & dental coverage. Following approval, we guided them in upgrading their plan by submitting satisfactory medical evidence.

Kelowna based physiotherapy clinic

Conducted a market survey for a physiotherapist and their team. Requested and compiled multiple proposals to ensure cost efficiency. Discovered a plan member required coverage for a specific prescription that not all insurers covered. Helped them implement the plan that best suited their unique needs.

South Okanagan based cabinet maker

After working together for 10+ years, this business sought coverage elsewhere through an association style plan. After only a year, we were back working together, as they had encountered issues with both claims and service levels. Conducted a thorough analysis of their plan design needs, and provided strategic guidance on accessing plan materials electronically.

Okanagan based contractor

Seeking group benefits for the first time, we provided several proposal variations to ensure suitability. Guided CFO in determining eligibility, streamlining implementation and ensuring plan materials could be accessed easily by plan administrators and employees.

South Okanagan based mechanic & auto parts dealer

Allowed local owners to break free from a franchise style plan where they did not control the plan design or renewal process. Conducted a comprehensive analysis of plan design needs and made recommendations based on feedback.

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