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Quarter three of 2022 brought us a diverse range of cases to work on. Here are some of the highlights:

Merritt based excavating contractor

Experiencing exciting growth led this business to implement a benefits plan for the first time. Performed a market survey, made recommendations, and differentiated plan designs for management and employees.

West Kelowna based frozen food retailer

A one-man operation sought out benefits for him and his family. We were able to set up guaranteed coverage, while walking them through the process of upgrading to a more enhanced plan design.

Okanagan based plumbing & HVAC company

After experiencing an unsavory renewal increase, this group sought relief through a partially pooled benefits structure. Streamlined implementation, and set up multiple classes for different organizational levels. Provided transitional support as plan administrators changed throughout this process.

South Okanagan based salon

Provided comprehensive range of plan design options, made recommendations, and guided a seamless onboarding process.

South Okanagan based carpenter

Conducted a survey of multiple insurers, narrowing their scope by plan design desires and budgetary concerns. Walked them through implementation process, and navigated staff and insurer challenges.

South Okanagan based dock builder

Allowed this group to break free of a rigid plan design, next to no reporting, and a challenging agent. Implemented improved plan design and backed it up with hands on service.

Okanagan based law firm

Navigated a challenging renewal, and successfully sought out a plan offering longer term rate guarantees. Allowed them to take advantage of higher plan maximums following recent employee growth.

Vernon based plumbing & heating business

Allowed a husband & wife team to achieve guaranteed coverage. Conducted market survey and provided education on plan design options.

West Kelowna based sunroom & patio cover contractor

Worked with a family run business in setting up fully pooled benefits, allowing them to be free of fear regarding future renewals.

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